Did you know that a woman in labor has unique needs?


The answer seems obvious, but most childbirth classes don’t operate with that in mind. We believe that there is no one right way to birth, and we have designed our curriculum¬†to reflect that.


Discovering your Birth Language can be the key to a satisfying birth!

The Birth Languages Method is the ONLY method that combines an individual approach to labor, a partner focus, AND evidenced based information about medical options.  This curriculum was developed by women who are experts in birth, and experts in adult education, making it one of the most effective courses you can obtain on pregnancy and birth.

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    Are you tired of the cookie-cutter approach to birth and crave a birth class as unique as you are?

    We help you customize your own birth toolkit by helping you identify your Birth Language. No one-size-fits-all mentality here!

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    Do you want your partner to be a confident and knowledgable birth companion?

    By understanding your Birth Language, your partner will be equipped with the best tools to support your during labor.

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    Do you wish for additional support outside of the classroom throughout your pregnancy, birth, and beyond?

    Our students automatically get access to our online curriculum with helpful videos, additional articles, printables, and other amazing resources.

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