Meet the Founders

The Founders of Birth Languages are three birth workers, educators, and mothers, who wanted a different approach to preparation for childbirth and parenting. We have combined our knowledge and training to offer you the most up-to-date and cutting edge approach in childbirth education.

Holly Dobrynski

hollyHolly Dobrynski obtained her BA in English in 2001 from Shepherd University. She attended the M.Ed. program in Secondary English Education at George Mason University prior to the birth of her third child in 2010. Holly has combined her passion for teaching and natural childbirth and has since become a labor doula and trained childbirth educator. She feels at home in the “classroom” teaching and empowering couples regarding pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and the adjustment to parenting. Her calling to birth work began over ten years ago when she was attending childbirth classes prior to the birth of her first son. She has had four natural labors and deliveries, three of which were in her home surrounded by her husband and amazing birth team.  She resides in Potomac Falls, VA with her loving and supportive husband and four children. When she isn’t trying to keep up with her children or supporting laboring women, she enjoys reading, writing, knitting, and traveling to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Denessa Hicks

selfie2Denessa Hicks began her journey to becoming a birth professional in 2010 while she was working towards a BA in Psychology. As a self-proclaimed birth enthusiast, she has studied with three renowned childbirth education organizations and has become certified in childbirth education, birth doula support, and placenta encapsulation. She has a deep respect for this sacred event in every woman’s life, and her only desire is for couples to be excited and confident about giving birth. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for over ten years. She is a proud military wife and mother to four gorgeous children who are all less than four years apart. During her free time, she frequents local mom groups, works on various crochet projects, continues to further her education, and supports new and expecting mamas.

Mandolin Restivo-Walsh

mandyMandolin Restivo-Walsh, MA is an academic, crisis counselor, childbirth educator, and doula. As a professor of Women’s Studies she brings to her work the ability to research, teach, and empower. Her academic background allows her to stay current in the ever-changing field of maternal health. As a certified rape and domestic violence crisis counselor she has seen first-hand how lack of access to information and choices about one’s body dehumanizes and dis-empowers. She brings to her birth work a passion for ensuring that families have access to the information and support they need to make informed choices. She believes that by purposefully approaching birth and pregnancy as a prepared couple, women and their partners can experience empowerment, joy, and fulfillment no matter how the child ultimately enters the world. Mandolin has trained with two different childbirth methods, is a certified doula and rebozo certified in the Gena Kirby method. She is a mother of a 2.5 year old who was born at home. When she is not supporting families, she enjoys yoga, rock climbing, and reading.

The founders also…

  • are birth junkies and women supporters!
  • are work-at-home mothers who find little time for knitting, crocheting, making gourmet meals, or taking showers regularly.
  • are passionate about helping women and their partners tap into their inner power to achieve a satisfying birth experience.
  • think that men who wear their babies are sexy. Like really sexy. (Bonus points if they’re cooking too.)
  • may or may not drive minivans.
  • think that coffee should be a separate food group — and a requirement for the safety of others.
  • enjoy scrubbing toilets, folding laundry, and baking cookies in their spare time…. just kidding.